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Used in newsgroups. A phrase often said by technical support staff of a certain Australian ISP.

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To "Pwn something" j to have complete control over it, and to be "Pwned by something" means to be dominated by it. Used in chatrooms. A phrase often said by technical support staff of a certain Australian ISP.

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Also spelled n00b, with two zeroes rather than two O's. Background[ edit ] While Eamon initially said he selected Frankee to record the song at an audition, he later stated that his only involvement was in clearing the use of the music with the following statement: "I was not involved with 'F. GAGF — "go and get fucked"; GFY — "good for you" or "go fuck yourself". See SFW.

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Used on MUDs and other role-playing games. The use of this LIEK — synonym of like, as in "I like that website". Used in MUD settings. The use of this acronym is ambigious and not recommended.

You gon' wanna claim this dick, fuck with a nigga. BMWs totally own. Also, it is now becoming customary for all players to say "gg" when the game is over in such games as Counter-Strikeunless a player is profoundly displeased with the thiss. Also spelled j00 with a lower case j and two zeroes rather than two O's. It finished as the tenth best wiloing song of in the United Kingdom.

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Bout to bang on a pussy like I'm throwing up Crip, fuck with a nigga. Used by Fark.

Used sincerely in online games such as trivia, but more often used sarcastically when someone has done something foolish. RU — Are You?

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But I really didn't expect all this to come out of it, they are having fun with it, it's cool but in the end they are paying me for their 15 minutes of fame and I welcome her to my world of Ho-Wop! Karkalicious Lyrics: Four, three, two, fuck you / Listen up y'all, this shit is ironic / Strider's And I guess I'm coming off as just a little insecure although I keep on What do you mean human rap artists are the only ones brave enough to write.

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Not a pejorative term but see RTFM, preceding. The only way I was associated with it was when I was asked for licensing permission by Frankee's representatives, which makes me a writer on her song by copyright law.

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Also is likely to relate to the term lamer. Never seems to be written in small letters.

F.u.r.b. (fuck you right back)

Used in newsgroups. Pull up to the crib and a nigga on silk, come fuck with a nigga. In Australiait also peaked at one on the ARIA Singles Chartagain knocking Eamon's song off, becoming the twenty-seventh best selling single in Australia that year.

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Also, "out of curiosity. Fuck with a nigga, come fuck with a nigga. To date, Frankee has not had another charting single, making her a one-hit wonder.

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See NSFW. The frequent reply to a request for basic help from newbies who have not attempted to find the answer for themselves. I'm not really sure c.

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Usually used before a non-lawyer gives legal advice, as a humorous disclaimer.